Activism is at its best when boundaries are pushed and new ideas are allowed to flourish. Find alternatives below or contact us for suggestions.

Put flyers on top of parked cars during a large event, e.g. graduation, big speaker event.

Bat Signals – Project a peace sign onto the student center/library.

Flood public transportation with volunteer in matching t-shirts and w/ flyers.

Window paint your cars with a messages for peace and create a caravan to bring attention to the group.

Post flyers and signs in bathrooms (in stalls and in front of urinals)

Video interviews with students on topics like peace, conflict and human rights.

At your local library, put fake book covers on books, or bookmarks inside. Or move books, like a terrible politician’s autobiography, to the “sci-fi” section.

Classic lawn signs are still effective! Use a few words as possible to get passersby to think and look you up on internet.

Chalked body outline with caution tape at bus stops or other busy locations. Inside outline, include stats on students who lost lives in illegal Iraq war, etc.

To contribute ideas or for any questions you might have please contact Kate Alexander, Director of Policy and Outreach