Culture Jamming

Challenging or disrupting a dominant point of view through creativity, subversion and sometimes disinformation in a very public sphere. It’s a useful tactic to draw attention to unethical practices of a particular group.

Examples of Culture Jamming

Culture Jamming features subvertisements, the clever subversions of advertisements. For example, Adbusters has a tobacco “ad” featuring Joe Camel (of Camel Cigarettes” in the hospital and created a version of the American flag where all of the stars are replaced by corporate logos. You can find their work by clicking here.

How can you adapt this to peace advocacy? Here are some ideas:

Culture Jamming is a powerful tactic to use a popular image and subvert its meaning. Culture Jamming for Peace could look like:


  • Replacing the stars of the American flag w/ images of drones.
  • On Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11), printing fliers of the American flag re-colored to be shades of black, as though it is in mourning.
  • Guns Keep People Safe NRA message imposed over conflict area image, as a message for arms control.
  • Creating a “Stop Sign” shaped-display and writing “War” in the middle.
  • Use a “Support the Troops” poster + add “don’t send them to war”

To contribute ideas or for any questions you might have please contact Kate Alexander, Director of Policy and Outreach